Qinglong waterfall


The Qinglong waterfall is located o­n the west of the Grand Canyon ecology park in Mount Wuyi. The 40-meter-wide Qinglong Waterfall at Tianzidi that cascades downhill from a height of 120 meters. It is known as the No. 1 Waterfall in East China. The forests are luxuriant around the waterfall .There are also plenty of wide animals and plants, including 1,017 varieties of higher plants, 93 species of beasts in vertebrates like taxus, tulip tree, emmenopterys henryi, white neck king pheasant, yellow belly tragopan, pangolin and so o­n. Fresh air generated by the magic virgin forest in the park is just like a natural oxygen bar where you can breathe the abundant oxygen, have a camping or forest bath, in the meantime taste the freshest foods produced here.
The main scenic spots are o­ne-step bridge, Shiluqinggang, Qingxitangshui, Lingshelianshi, Jingbanyuanfengdie, Luanshiyingbo, Qinglong waterfall, and other scenic spots including Wangtianting, Tongtianzhandao, Tongtian bridge, Wentian stone, Shengkan etc.
Wuyi mountain belongs to typical subtropical oceanic humid monsoonal climate, which has a distinct four seasons and abundant rain. The annual average temperate is 17℃ to 19℃, and the hottest season is July, the coldest season is January. The best time for traveling there is June to September.


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